Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Horseshoe BBQ is back open! And it's just like old times. We ate there a few months ago, when things were near the end, and the food was not so good. But we went last night, and the food tasted just like it did when the place first opened. It was such a relief! I had a half rack of ribs -- fantastic! Todd had his beloved shredded brisket sandwich. The mac and cheese -- excellent! The steak fries were just right. It was so great to be back!

Remey is back behind the bar on Wednesdays. Yay!

We took baby Emiko -- so we got there early before it was too crowded or smoky. They have flattened out the floorboards (finally!). And they installed a ceiling fan, which really helped with the smokiness (who knew?).

So check it out! Remey is worried that people won't give them another shot. Give them another shot!


Heather said...

Wow, Amy. I am really glad to read your most excellent blog. You are super and fantastic!

Butternugget said...

How exciting! I'll be sure to check in. I was also going to tell you I saw the "we are open" sign this morning in the window of the 'shoe. Good to know it is back.