Saturday, June 09, 2007

Things I've done this weekend:

1. I bought a button maker! So I've now made three awesome buttons. If you are in need of a button, do let me know. I bought the least expensive button maker, so I can only make one button at a time. But I know it's going to bring me hours of joy and entertainment!

2. We took Emiko to the Hideout to see the Northside Southpaws Friday afternoon. It was a 6:00 pm show, so we thought it would be ok. And the Southpaws play old timey acoustic country and ragtime music, so it wasn't too loud. The front of the Hideout is smoke free, so that was nice, too. Our friend Matt is one of the Southpaws - he played the guitar at our wedding and is the boyfriend of Lizzie from Even in Blackouts. She was at the show, so we got to visit with her. The Southpaws sounded fantastic. It's amazing to see finger picking like that. You should check them out:

3. Today we went to Northcenter's Ribfest with our friend Melissa. I enjoyed the desserts I ate more than the ribs. There's really no reason to go anywhere other than Honey1 for ribs and tips and hot links. But the weather was beautiful and it was nice to get out. I thoroughly enjoyed a Black Cow. I also enjoyed the free cupcake I got at the Lagniappe booth, since they were out of crawfish boil. And Mother Murphy and Sons had an excellent lemon trifle.

4. Oh, and yesterday morning I went to my high school's graduation ceremony. It was quite different from my own graduation. The class president -- who I had as a student last year and who I love to death -- was sitting on stage wearing shorts and gym shoes beneath his robe. This is the same kid who rented a Bentley and driver for prom. I don't understand.

The guest speaker was a minister, but his speech was short and thankfully free of proselytizing. The valedictorian, also a former student of mine, giggled throughout her speech. And of the 23 seniors in my division who graduated, only four are going to college. Two are joining the military. That makes me sad. I had some great kids in that division. I don't know how they are going to make a living.

OK, on that happy note, I think I'll make one more button and then go to bed.

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