Monday, August 13, 2007

1st Day Back to Reality

Today I had to go back to work. Well, I am just in training this week. I got an email from a colleague of mine on Friday morning that said that she had heard I was teaching freshmen this school year and was therefore to report to a week's worth of training starting today. You'd think someone could have given me a call or sent me an email letting me know, but that's how things work at my school. I still don't know officially that I'm supposed to be in training this week -- I made several phone calls Friday trying to find out, but you know no one is going to be around on a Friday afternoon.

I knew that if I didn't go to training I would be in trouble, even though how was I to know??? So I started this morning. Which meant today was Emiko's first day at daycare. I did not like leaving her, but she did great and I know it's good for her. And it's probably going to be good for me, too. It was nice seeing some of my coworkers who I haven't seen in ages. And getting paychecks again will be great -- Todd is really happy about that.

I dropped Emiko off and I only teared up a little. Alma (the daycare director) said Emiko was fine and ate well and napped and played and adjusted easily. I knew it would be easier for her than for me.

But now I've done it and it should be easier from here on out.

So I'll be in training this week, then I'll be off next week, and then I'll officially start back to work on August 29th. I have a little bit of summer left. At least now I'll have funny school stories to tell -- should be good for the blog.

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