Saturday, September 01, 2007

More Teacher Talk

So Marilyn Stewart and the union delegates met Friday evening to vote on the new contract that she is so happy about. She says that 70% of the leadership voted yes in a simple 50% + 1 voice vote. She had everyone stand to show their support. Many, many people are unhappy with the contract and kept shouting "No! No! No!" and "She sold us out!" Stewart refused to allow for an actual vote nor would she allow the opposition to voice their objections. There are some hilarious videos of the proceedings on youtube:

CTU Contract Meeting Aug 31, 2007

CTU Contract Meeting Aug 31, 2007 (roll call)

CTU Contract Meeting Aug 31, 2007 (sit down)

I have to figure out how to make links in blogspot. If you are bored, just cut and paste, it's worth it. It's obvious that total chaos is going on out there and that a majority of the leadership is not happy with Stewart's negotiating. I have a feeling this contract is not going to pass when it goes to the full membership for a vote on Sept. 10th.

The contract offers a 4% raise each year for the next five years. We seem to have lost our dental insurance. And principals can now cap the hourly wage for teachers working overtime. Right now, I get paid about $32/hour when I tutor after school and sponsor a club. Under this contract, the principal gets to determine what my extra activities will be worth. So that sucks.

Nontenured teachers can now get tenure in three years, and have to be evaluated before getting fired. So that's not much of an improvement, but it's a bit better.

And health insurance premiums are capped for the first three years of the contract, but not the last two years.

We also seem to have no protection from classroom overcrowding. I currently have 34-36 kids enrolled in three of my five classes. We'll see if that lasts once school starts on Tuesday. So far I'm thrilled!

I've read through some of the new contract -- I have to spend more time on that. There's some great stuff of the District 299 blog about the contract and about how teachers are pissed. We're always pissed about something.

I wonder how things will turn out. I have a feeling that Marilyn Stewart will not win reelection.

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