Thursday, December 20, 2007

Update Schmupdate

Let's see, last Friday was a bad day for my principal. My school was in the Tribune twice. Once for the gun incident. But we also were mentioned because my principal hired a basketball coach who had previously been fired by CPS for attempting to cash a bogus CPS payroll check for 1500 bucks.

Which makes this story especially funny (or something) is that this guy, Stephen Jennings, was working at Dunbar the first time he got fired. The first day back at school (for teacher in-service), our principal introduced all the new staff members. She introduced Jennings as our new Dean of Students and new basketball coach. She mentioned that he was a Dunbar alum and how glad she was to have him back and blah blah blah. People who had worked here when he was here before were surprised. People knew he'd been fired, but thought it must be certification related or something.

I think it's amazing that she hired him back, knowing that he had a personnel file marked Do Not Hire. And she was the principal the last time he was fired. I have to believe that maybe Arne (our illustrious CEO) will finally come to the realization that perhaps she is not such an effective leader. But I'll probably be proven wrong yet again.

My job just sucks more and more each day. I have one student who is out of control. He wrote a haiku the first week of school in which he used the line "I don't beat my meat." Which is not even correct syllable use, but that's the least of its problems. I had to call the kid's dad and tell him what his son wrote. Apparently he got in big trouble.

Since then, I've tried to ignore him, but he's completely inappropriate. This week alone has been a banner week for him. On Monday he asked if perhaps it was my time of the month, which would explain why I was crabby. Then on Tuesday he was mad, because I made him take out his ridiculously garish earring. He then lost the earring.

He blames me for his losing his "fucking earring" and says that he now gets no Christmas. He says his mother let him wear the ridiculous earring to school to prove that he was responsible (which makes total sense -- what an excellent way to prove responsibility). He keeps yelling at me that it's my fault he won't get a Christmas. I sent him out to Miller, our security guard, but he keeps sending him back to me.

Then yesterday he was being so annoying, as were several of his classmates. I yelled -- I don't know what is wrong with you children! He replied -- you know she means these black children. Which made me so mad! So I said -- That's it! Get out! And I made him stand in the hall the rest of class. Well, at the last five minutes Miller made me let him back in.

Miller said to write him up and the dean will take care of it, but she won't. She'll just say that it's my lack of classroom management skills that are to blame. I don't even bother writing anyone up because it just makes me mad.

But I'm not at work tomorrow, because Emiko's daycare will be closed. So I won't see this kid for two whole weeks. That's a pretty great Christmas present.

Oh, but I hear the kid with the gun turned himself in. Then I heard that the principal was going to let him come back to school. That's awesome. She's the best.


Butternugget said...

I smell a kick back. I wonder if your principal was in on the check thing?

Alannah said...

Oh for cryin' out LOUD!

How do you not have an indention on your forehead from beating it against the wall every day?

When I complain about my international students (Master's and PhD candidates, mind you) acting like children, at least I don't have to worry about them causing me harm!

I love how wearing an earring shows responsibility. Now that's some l-o-w-e-r-e-d s-t-a-n-d-a-r-d-s.

AMY said...

Yeah, my job is awesome. The ghetto is wearing me down -- I have to get out of here!!!