Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Back From Arkansas!

Emiko and I got home from Arkansas Tuesday afternoon. Our flight was supposed to leave XNA at 10:30 am, but we didn't leave til 12:30 pm. Which isn't too bad for flying into Chicago, but still sucked. We sat on the plane for an hour. But Emiko was adorable and the flight attendant loved her, so it was all fine.

I'll try to get some pics posted soon, but here are some highlights:

*Eating fried catfish and a billion hushpuppies at Catfish Hole. But I totally forgot to order fried pie!

*Getting cheese dip to go from Marlo's Taco Shack.

*There's a new bbq joint -- Whole Hog Cafe -- and their pulled pork and their ribs are awesome.

*Getting through security at O'hare was fine -- a TSA agent yelled at me to hurry up after we got through the line and I was trying to get Emiko back in her stroller. But getting through security at XNA was tougher. According to TSA's website (, if you are bored), you don't have to put baby food and bottles of milk in quart bags, you just have to declare it. So I declared it, but the agent made me take all the baby food and milk out of my bag. Then she made me take off Emiko's shoes! She let me keep Emiko's hoodie, but the agent at the metal detector patted Emiko down to be on the safe side! That seemed a little ridiculous. Not that I'm going to argue with TSA.

*Walking around Northwest Arkansas with my baby girl in her Obama, Baby! onesie.

*Seeing my friends Martha and Justin and Alannah. I went to college with Martha and high school with Justin, and they are engaged! So we'll be back in Arkansas in May for their wedding.

*Watching my Hogs beat Tennessee to make it to the SEC Championship game. (The championship wasn't as great -- Georgia way out-played us. But we are in the big dance, so it's all good.)

*Hanging out with my sister and her kids.

It was a great trip, actually. My family didn't drive me too crazy, although my dad tried to get my goat with politics talk.

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