Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I am sure you have figured this out, but I really love my home state of Arkansas. No matter how long I live in Chicago -- and I think it will probably be a long time -- Arkansas will always be home for me. I just feel most at ease there.

We went to Arkansas for the weekend. My friends Martha and Justin got married (I'll have to get Todd's pictures uploaded). Their wedding was beautiful and sweet and I know they will be so happy. Martha has had some bad luck with the fellas, and I think she was about to give up on the idea of marriage and whatnot. So thank God she met Justin and it all just fell into place. It's funny how things work out the way they should.

And my dear sister Heather was supposed to give birth last week, before we got there. That was my plan, anyway! She wasn't actually due until May 18, but today is the 20th (and her birthday -- Happy Birthday!) and she is still carrying that baby! She is ready to give birth, but she was in pretty good spirits all weekend. She had both her boys nine days early, so she kept complaining that this was the most pregnant she's ever been!

We ate some fantastic food, of course. We went to the Catfish Hole Friday night -- which is de riguer for any trip to Northwest Arkansas. I ate about a million hushpuppies, and lots of fried catfish fillets, too. Then for dessert -- even though I was pretty stuffed -- chocolate fried pie! Fried pie is one of the best things in the universe. It's basically a turnover that is deep fried. Then it is served with ice cream. Heavenly. Last time I was in AR, I forgot to order the fried pie, so Todd knew to remind me this time. It was his first fried pie -- he's so lucky to have me to expose these amazing things to him!

Saturday we ran some errands and met my sister and her brood for lunch at Jose's, which is a Tex Mex place that has awesome cheese dip. They also have awesome swirl margaritas, but I was good and didn't succumb.

Saturday night was the wedding -- it was small and the reception was over by 8. We looked up (we were sitting with Alannah and her boyfriend) and they were clearing the tables and putting up the decorations. So the four of us went to a fancy restaurant down the street for some cocktails. It was nice having grandparents to leave Emiko with. But at 9:30 I was worn out and ready to go back to my dad's house. It seemed much later than 9:30!

Sunday my brother and his family came out to Dad's house, as did Heather and her group. It was really nice seeing them all together -- I hadn't seen my brother in awhile.

We had a really, really great weekend. I wasn't ready to come home yet, but was glad once we got back. My sister is coming here to visit in June (yay!!!), and then we'll go back to AR in July so I can finally meet my new niece or nephew (she/he has to come out of there eventually!).

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Alannah said...

It was soooo good to see you, if even for one night!