Monday, June 23, 2008

I Heart Summer Break

Last week was my first week of summer break, and it was awesome. Monday morning I got up, took Emiko to daycare (we have to pay for it, so we are taking her 3 days a week for summer). Then I came home and took a nap. Woke up, felt a little guilty to be napping at home alone while my baby was at daycare, but I managed. Had Arby's for lunch. I've been craving Arby's like mad -- blaming Baby Fuji for that. The people at the Arby's in Norridge (at Harlem and Irving Park) are really nice. As I left, one guy told me that my smile should be my umbrella. Isn't that a nice sentiment???

Wednesday my sister came to Chicago! We had so much fun. Her husband wanted to send her to see me, since he had two weeks off from work and could take care of the kids (3 kids - two toddlers and a newborn!!!). He's a coach, so he never gets time off, so he wanted to give her a nice gift of rest and relaxation.

Usually when she's here it's only for a weekend or so. This time she was here for five days, so she wanted to do some touristy stuff. We went to Millennium Park Friday -- got there right before the rain started. But she got to see the Bean, so she was happy. I do love that dang Bean.

Then it started raining, so we went to Bennigan's for lunch. I am as anti-chain as the next person, but sometimes the chains have their perks. At least at Bennigan's I know that they'll have a kids menu and a changing table in the bathroom, which goes a long way to making me happy. And the food is ok.

We went on a Wendella boat tour of the river and lake on Saturday. That was fun, but Emiko was really crabby, which made Todd really crabby. So that put a damper on things. It's my fault -- we wanted to make the 10:30 boat, but were late and so the next 90 min tour was not until 1. We should have just done the 11:00 tour, but it was just of the river and not of the lake. But that was too much excitement for Emiko, having to keep her entertained for that long. We went to the Northbridge Mall, so we weren't bored, but we should have gotten her home longer. She's definitely a toddler now, and is getting much more stubborn and dramatic.

Today was the first day of summer school at my high school, and I had to sub. I was not ready to go back to that school. It didn't help that summer school classes last for four hours and are full of bad kids who failed the class the first time. I knew many of the kids, as I was the one who had failed several of them. So seeing them again was great.

Thank God it was just for one day. I know the money is good, but I don't think it's worth it. It actually went pretty well until about 10:45 -- that's when the kids got really restless. By 11:30 they had given up doing any more work and were just talking. I was going to be really bitchy and yell at them, and then I remembered -- I'm just the sub! So JoAnn -- the actual teacher -- will probably want to kill me. I just went back to reading my book til noon.

We leave for New Orleans Saturday! We haven't been since right before Katrina. I'm curious to see how things look.

And I gotta get some pictures posted - I'll work on that.


Butternugget said...

Bennigan's? Really?

Remember when you agreed that one of the reasons it was okay for me not to go out with the boring nice guy again was that he kept suggesting Bennigan's for lunch?

I'll let it slide and not make too much fun of you since eating in the loop kind of sucks.

AMY said...

But had boring nice guy had a toddler with a wet diaper, then I would have totally been ok with your having lunch there! Although I don't think his having a child would have made him more attractive to you!!! And it was raining!

Have you ever heard from boring nice guy again?

Shop Girl said...

I am so glad you had fun with your sister... and I love the bean too! (George asked me to marry him in front of the bean)