Monday, August 18, 2008

Vacation in the Wisconsin Dells!

Emiko liked wearing her moose antlers from Moosejaw Pizza for a little while.

We took Emiko to the Wisconsin Dells last weekend. Todd and I had been to the Dells once before, Thanksgiving of 2005. We had a great time that trip, even though it was just the two of us. But we knew that the Dells were super family-oriented, so once Emiko was here we knew we would have to take a trip with her.

When we got there, it was too early to check into our room, so we played some Pirate's Cove Putt Putt. Todd won, but I think that's primarily due to Emiko stealing my ball. (And my lack of coordination!) But Emiko did pretty well -- although she got bored after awhile.

Lake Delton flooded away in June, and the resorts on the lake have been suffering this summer as a result. We felt it our duty to help out these resorts by staying in one of them. We stayed at Baker's Sunset Resort. It was nice -- outdated, but nice. And we had a big room with a fridge and microwave, which is essential when traveling with a toddler.

This is what Lake Delton looks like now.

The resort had a kiddie pool that was perfect for Emiko. She loved sliding down the slide and splashing in the water. Stupid Mommy had forgotten to pack Emiko's swimsuit, but she's a toddler, so she can get away with wearing a dress with her Elmo swim diaper. Emiko really loves Elmo!

We went to the Wisconsin Deer Farm, where there are dozens of deer for you to feed and pet. Emiko really liked feeding the deer, once she got over her initial fear. She cracks me up, because even when she is afraid, she won't back down. She's a tough little girl. This will probably get us in trouble later on!

We took Emiko to the Riverfront Amusement Park, because they had a Moby Dick carnival ride that she absolutely loved. Every time the ride started, she would freak out and start pointing and stomping her feet! She really wanted to ride that ride! We promised her when she's older she'll get to.

The other hilarious thing was Emiko's dancing. That little girl loves to dance. I think it's one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my entire life. So we would walk along the carnival midway with the games, and she'd stop at the different booths and dance to the music. She also would point out the Elmo dolls that had we been better parents, we would have tried to win for her. (Don't worry, she's getting an Elmo from Santa this year!) The carnival workers would change the music so she'd dance some more. One girl got so cracked up she had to walk away. Random people walking by would stop and watch her and laugh. I think we could make money off this child if we were a bit crazier!!!

We took a Duck Ride, which was super fun. We don't any pictures of that, because we were sitting in the front row of the Duck, and I was hanging on to Emiko for dear life. Usually Todd holds Emiko when we are on a boat or something, but Emiko wanted me to hold her. Our driver looked about 15, but apparently he was 19. He was funny, though, and we made it across land and water without incident. I had no idea how beautiful the Dells were.

On our way out of town we stopped at the Market Square Cheese Store. There was a huge line -- everyone buying cheese on our way home? I bought some cheese and chocolate and yet another Sprecher's cream soda. Then Emiko and I posed with the big mouse, hopped in the car, and made our way back to the Land o' Lincoln.

Here's Emiko drinking Daddy's water.

It was a great weekend, and I'm sure we'll go again next summer with our two children. Two children! Wow!

Oh, and for my Arkansas friends -- the Dells is a lot like Branson, but without all the tour buses full of old people. There was a ton of traffic, but it's all just families from Wisconsin or Illinois, none of whom are very good drivers. Definitely a younger crowd than Branson.

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