Thursday, September 04, 2008

Crazy People Make Me Tired

I just had a rather unpleasant and flummoxing email exchange with a guy from Etsy. I am not sure what to think about it, other than the man is crazy and I should just let it go.

A couple of months ago I ordered a couple of items from Builderstudio. I ordered a little flying saucer charm and a Santa ornament made out of robot parts. The guy doesn't take paypal, so I had to send him a check. I didn't get the order for a long time. I emailed him as to when he had sent it, and he responded that the package had been returned to him. Which was weird.

So he sent out the package again. When the items arrived, they just weren't very cute. I know that I ordered based on pictures, and sometimes things aren't quite what you expect. No biggie. I thought, "Well, now I know not to order from him again."

On Etsy, they want you to give feedback regarding your purchasing experience. I rated my experience with Builderstudio as neutral. Meaning it was neither good nor bad. And I added that the items were not what I expected. Which is true.

So today I get an email from this guy complaining about his neutral feedback and requesting I change them. He said he didn't deserve negative feedback.

I replied that it wasn't negative feedback, it was neutral feedback. Then he responded that that was unfair and that I gave no reason for the problem, etc. I tried to explain to him why I found the experience neutral. I should have just not responded in the first place, because I do think he probably is crazy and I could tell he was really offended. But I couldn't help myself. I finally said that I just didn't think the stuff was that cute in person and that's fine - he got paid, I got the order, whatever.

Then he gets really irate. He said that how could his stuff not be cute when he had pictures of them? This was in all caps. Now look, sometimes you see a picture and then the real thing isn't what you expected. It's not a big deal.

He then wrote this:

"Well, it took two quesries jsut to get any details from you. And not too
cute? THEY ARE THE SAME AS IN THE PHOTOS... no different. And you never emailed me about the problem, that's annoying. And a neutral is NOT a neatral, it's a negative
(viewed as such), a true neutral is to leave NO FEEDBACK! I certainly was waiting to hear what the actual problem was before offering a refund, which you never gave. And now you shut me out? You had no right to leave that neutral because you got what you saw in the pics and everyone loves them. PLease don't contact me again unless you are willing to withdraw the feedback." (All the typos are his; he is too crazy to proofread.) (I love how he says "everyone loves them." Not everyone, buddy!)

By this time, I'm pretty annoyed. I did contact him one more time (I just can't help myself) telling him he is very unpleasant and that I will never purchase from him again.

He wrote this:

"Good, as I would not sell to you. Treat a person as you would be treated. Now do not contact me again, second request."

I have no interest in contacting him again. I am a little afraid he is going to try to come to my house and murder me.

I did try to go to Etsy and change my neutral feedback to negative, but they don't let you do that. I would like to somehow let others know that if you make him unhappy he will harass you. But I am just going to let it go and hope he doesn't come to my house and try to kill me. When I got the package, the handwriting on the address label was very child-like. He probably still lives with him mom and all he has are his little figurines he makes for people.

But I would recommend that you not order from him. That's my advice to you. Whatever you do, don't use my name. Seriously, I think he's scary.

Here's a pic of the flying saucer. It is ok, but would be much cuter if it were smaller. It's too big to be a charm or pendant. I am not sure what to do with it. I'll probably hang it on the Christmas tree, too.

Here's a pic of the robot Santa. It really wasn't that cute even in the picture. Don't know what I was thinking.


foxxychica said...

He sounds crazy. You're probably right about that basement thing with the mom.

Alannah said...

That letter was too much! I don't know much about ebay or Etsy ratings so I don't know how it all works with neutral ratings but you're definitely entitled to rate someone however you'd like without getting some basement-dwelling mouth-breather all up in your bizness.

The pewter UFO is kind of cute. The Santa, however, is very outsider art/creepy.