Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I made Emiko's Halloween costume. I got the idea from a magazine. I think it turned out really well. She was so cute! The above pic is from Thursday morning on our way to daycare. Since not all of the kids are full time, they had parties Thursday and Friday so no one would get left out. Lucky! She is not wearing her socks or shoes, because she hates socks and shoes. That's the Arkansas in her!

This picture is from a block party we went to this afternoon. She's with Malia, who lives in the neighborhood of the block party. Malia is one of Emiko's daycare friends -- that's how we got invited to the party. We weren't just crashing! They are both very cute together.

Last night we took Emiko to a Halloween party. So she has gotten lots of wear out of that costume. It's pretty dirty at this point. I can't decide if I should try to wash it somehow and save it, or just not worry about it.

Next year we'll actually take her trick or treating. We figured this year she wouldn't really care.

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Anne said...

Adorable! I'm kidnapping her asap!