Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Not Sure How to Explain This. . .

Some of you have heard stories about the bathrooms at my school. They are disgusting and unpleasant. Often we don't have toilet paper or soap or paper towels, although this year people have taken it upon themselves to donate soap.

The main teacher bathroom is on the second floor. The women's room has four stalls, but two of the stalls have toilets that are not working at all. There are about 100 female teachers at my school.

Monday I went to the bathroom and discovered that of the two working stalls, neither toilet would flush. I informed another teacher who then informed the main office. This was around 11:00 am. It was not until after 1:00 pm that the bathroom was declared closed.

This leaves one faculty women's restroom on the first floor, that is always really dirty and disgusting. There is also one single occupancy women's restroom inside the main office. There is a men's restroom there, too.

This sign is now posted in the women's restroom in the main office. I guess more people are now using that restroom, due to the lack of available toilets. I don't know who is doing unpleasant things in there, but this is the third sign that has been posted. The first two versions of the sign just asked for consideration. It's true that there is no ventilation. This sign (there are about 10 copies of it hanging in the stall) is the most graphic thus far. I felt it needed to be shared with others.

People just can't imagine how fun my job is!

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d.i. said...

OMG. I saw the sign and I thought someone put it up as a joke.

The things I see in this school...I don't think anyone believes me when I tell the stories.