Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter Break/Maternity Leave Starts Today!!!

I was going to try to work up through today, since today is the last day of school before Winter Break starts. But we had another big winter storm last night, and decided I did not want to deal with driving in to work in snow and ice. It took me two and a half hours to get home from work Tuesday night -- I was convinced my water was going to break before I got home. I was willing this baby to hang in there a bit longer. I was also pretty convinced I was going to pee my pants!

I managed to get home without going into labor or losing bladder control. But that was enough for me. Plus, there's not much going on at school this week -- yesterday was the school talent show, so I had zero students for either 8th or 9th period.

I did have one disgruntled freshman girl who had gotten her progress report and discovered that I had "given her a D." I hate when the kids do that -- act like their grade is something I just provide out of thin air. I said, "I did not give you a D, you earned one." Then she got really snippy with me, reminded me how bogus I was, and said her mom wanted to speak to me. She wanted me to give her my phone number so her mother could call me. I told her that I was not giving her my number. She said, "Then how can my mama get in touch with you?" I said she can call the school. So the girl told me that her mama would call the school, and I would change her grade. Then she flounced back to her seat and bitched about me the rest of the class.

I kept thinking, "Sweetie, in twenty more minutes, I will not be your teacher, and your sub will be in charge of dealing with you and your grade. Hallelujah!" When I went to sign out, I had no messages in my mailbox.

I told our payroll clerk that I was taking today as a sick day, and that I'd call her when I had the baby. Then I turned in my classroom key and my CPS-issued laptop to a friend of mine in the English department. I said a few goodbyes to people, and that was that.

So now I'm just waiting to have this baby boy -- I think it won't be too much longer. I'll post lots of pics. I'm sure this blog will be less interesting without school stories, but I have plenty of stories that I haven't shared yet, so I'll still have some material.

I realize that baby stories are not everyone's cup of tea, so I will try to keep them to a minimum!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!

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