Friday, January 09, 2009

Taking Advantage of a Sleeping Baby

OK, I haven't blogged in a bit. I've been distracted! But Hideo is sleeping in his swing, so I am going to try to put something together for your entertainment.

Things are going well baby-wise. Emiko was such a fussy baby her first few months. She would not sleep unless I was holding her. So for at least three and a half months we slept on the couch together. Where she would sleep for an hour at a time. And I was always tired. I could not put her down without her screaming bloody murder.

Hideo is a totally different baby. I can actually put him down! He will sleep, by himself, in his bassinet, for three hours at a time at night. I get to sleep in my own bed! (He sleeps in the bassinet right next to my bed.) It's pretty amazing. My sister had warned me that the transition from baby one to baby two was really rough, but it hasn't been, because Hideo is so calm. I'm far better rested than expected. Incredible!

So Blago has been impeached -- we'll see what happens in the Illinois Senate. I still think Roland Morris is a joke, but he'll probably be our new senator. I don't know why anyone would accept an appointment from Blago, but I guess ambition is a pretty big beast.

As far as school stuff is concerned -- I had a kid email me TWO DAYS AGO asking me why he was failing and how he could raise his grade. Seriously. I replied -- I'm on maternity leave and am no longer your teacher. You will have to ask your new teacher about your grade. Ugh.

I had put my email address on the board in case kids wanted to say hi or see a baby pic. Sigh. I should have known better.

Hideo is now fussing. So I must go. More later!


d.i. said...

Hi superfantastic mom! Would send me your email address?

Alannah said...

So happy to hear that Hideo is a good boy (so far!).

I get emails from students (granted, these are international students who have not mastered the language yet) asking for help for everything from buying a computer to unclogging a toilet. I took them on a trip to Little Rock a few months ago and had one of the worst migraine headaches of my life. I was in so much pain I was fighting back tears and still they were coming up to me asking me for things...completely oblivious to my VERY OBVIOUS extreme pain.

some people...

Shop Girl said...

post more pics!!