Sunday, February 08, 2009

Boy I'm Tired!

I know I have been neglecting this blog -- and I have many things I want to discuss. But I'm tired and spend most of my time dealing with my chitlins. The transition from one kid to two kids is tough! My sister tried to warn me, and I believed her, but until I experienced it firsthand, I just didn't understand.

But Hideo is awesome and is a very sweet baby. He sleeps ok. He was sleeping in his bassinet in our room, but he is the squeakiest, gruntiest baby I've ever seen. It's very cute, unless you are trying to get some sleep. So now he's in his crib in the nursery. He sleeps two to three hours at a stretch if I'm lucky. I'm looking forward to his sleeping longer.

We were breastfeeding, but that is over as of last week. I had a terrible time nursing Emiko, and was hoping Hideo would provide some redemption, but no luck. At least Emiko nursed for four months (although we had to supplement with formula). Hideo gave up at six weeks. He is a little piggy who always thinks he's starving, so I guess he thinks nursing takes too long. And the fact that I couldn't nurse him in the hospital didn't help, either.

At first he'd nurse, then demand a bottle. Then I had to start with a bottle, then he'd nurse, and he'd finish with a bottle. He decided that that was too much trouble, and started pretending to fall asleep when I'd try to nurse him. A baby playing possum! (Emiko did the same thing -- it's amazing how alike they are!) He wouldn't wake up until I gave him the bottle again. I was pumping, but that wasn't working too well. So now I'm done. I'm trying hard to not feel guilty about it.

Hideo was circumcised on January 21 -- and this was quite traumatizing for both of us. I'm still recovering from his circumcision, and I hope he won't be scarred for life. I was going to blog about it in more detail (it was a pretty ridiculous experience), but changed my mind. So if you want the gory details, let me know. You'll probably have to come over, and I'll need to drink a cocktail.

I can drink cocktails! Now that I'm not nursing and all that. Of course, one half glass of wine and I'm drunk. So I can drink half a cocktail!

Emiko is adjusting well to her baby "brudder." She is really cute with him. The other day Hideo was napping in his swing, and she brought her lovey to him and gave him her bunny to sleep with. Occasionally she'd come by and snatch the lovey from him, but then she'd bring it back. And he kept sleeping through it, thank goodness.

Todd got me a teeny little video camera for my birthday -- a Flip Mino. It's awesome and super easy to use. So now I can take videos and post them on YouTube. There are some really adorable ones (if I do say so myself!) at If you are bored at work, here's a way to kill some time!

My friend Tera was in town in January, and it was fantastic seeing her. My friend Martha is pregnant, so I've been sending her all my maternity clothes. I'm so excited for her, and glad to have someone to send all that stuff to. I'm sick of maternity clothes! Most of my non-maternity clothes are kind of snug, but I'm wearing them anyway. They'll eventually fit. I hope.

My friend Alannah managed to continue blogging through Arkansas' worst ice storm in a billion years, so I feel guilty that I've been slacking so badly. I do have some more things to blog about regarding my job, but that has to wait til tomorrow or later this week. In the meantime, forgive me, and enjoy some pics and a video!

And let me hear from you -- I miss my friends. I do feel like I'm missing out on adult conversation. Hideo is awesome, but his squeaks don't count as talking. Emiko is talking a storm, but I only understand about half of what she says. So that doesn't count, either!


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Alannah said...

I love you Amy! I'm so happy to got to spend time with Tera and I'm super duper happy for Martha!! I wish you could come down for a shower. I don't know anything about a shower, so I'll have to check with her if someone is throwing her one.

d.i. said...

Gorgeous children!!!!!