Monday, February 23, 2009

My Favorite Part of Oscar Night...

This speech by Dustin Lance Black made me cry. It was definitely the highlight of the evening.

I actually watched the whole damn broadcast, which I haven't done in a billion years, if ever. But nothing else was on, and Hideo would not go to sleep, so I just kept watching. Thank God my friend ButterNugget was live-blogging - that made it more entertaining.

It also helped that Robert Pattinson was in attendance (thanks, ButterNugget for posting a pic for me!). I know that I am a grown woman and not a 14 year old girl, but he makes me swoon a little. And I'm not alone -- all the women in my sister's office are atwitter by the Twilight series, and his performance in the movie. Sigh.

The sad part (other than the Robert Pattinson thing)is that I think I only saw a couple of movies that were nominated for anything. I saw Wall-E, which I loved, and Kung Fu Panda, which was cute. I think I saw something else, but I can't remember right now.


Butternugget said...

I'm still a little surprised that you like Rob Pattinson so much, I'm not sure why.

I agree, Dustin's speech was lovely and heartfelt.

AMY said...

I don't know -- he's so broody and dreamy. Those eyes!!!

Shop Girl said...

Hi! How are you doing? We need to set up a time when I can come over and see Hideo. I will email you!!