Friday, October 16, 2009

I Need to Think Happy Thoughts

This student was in my division a couple of years ago for about a month before getting moved into the football division. He always seemed like a nice young man. I would say hi to him in the hallway. I never got any sort of negative vibe from him, but that doesn't mean anything.

I first heard about it yesterday during my 10th period. My students were all freaked out about one of their classmates being arrested and charged with such a terrible thing.

Of course they wanted to talk about it. And I let them, because I think it's important to acknowledge this kind of thing. Especially when it's a student from our school. But it's so depressing the things the kids have said.

One student told the class that the girl must have asked for it. I try not to interject too much during discussions, but I had to jump in at that point. I explained to the students that seven year old girls cannot "ask for it" and are incapable of consenting. And that if the allegations are true, then Remonse is seriously screwed up and will hopefully get some help.

I just cannot imagine this happening to my child. I don't know what I would do.

Today my third and sixth period senior classes wanted to talk about it. More disturbing comments were made. It's very distressing and upsetting.

I could talk more about the situation and how my students are reacting, but it's too disturbing. So I'm going to think happy thoughts. It's a good thing it's Friday.

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foxxychica said...

The sad reality is so many of them have those kind of views on life in general. I used to do this thing at the beginning of the year about character/integrity. I'd ask them if they found a wallet with money in it and ID, what would they do? Or if they saw the person drop it would they return it? So many of them said now, they'd keep it, it was that person's loss. Then I'd ask, what if it was their mom/dad/grandma who lost their wallet would they want someone to return it? A good number would say no, it was that person's fault they lost it. I never really understood that thinking and I had to stop asking them those questions because it was total chaos. My prayer is that some of the kids get it before it's too late.