Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy 2013!

Happy New Year! I have not blogged in more than a year, which is sad and ridiculous. I have a few New Year resolutions, and blogging twice a week is one of them. Blogging is the only writing I do, for the most part. And I really want to write more in 2013. Here are my resolutions for 2013: 1. Write more! 2. Lose the twenty pounds I gained in 2012. Or at least get back to a regular workout routine. I am still running, but I've been running maybe twice a week, when I'm supposed to be running three times a week and spinning or swimming twice a week. I'm doing Surf City Marathon February 3rd -- we'll see how that goes. 3. Find a new career. I'll write more about what I've been up to in my next post. But I really, truly have to find a new career. I can't find a teaching job in Southern California, and I'm not even sure I want to. But I have to make a living. So I have to find a job. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. I'm not sure what industries wish to hire a 40 year old woman who has been teaching in the ghetto the last nine years. 4. Spend less money. This is directly related to #3. As I'm currently making so little money it's not even funny. 5. Continue working on being a good wife and mother. OK, I think that is a good start. We'll see how it goes. I almost died in 2011 and it took most of 2012 to fully recover. Todd lost his job in 2012 and we upended our lives to move to Southern California for his new job. So we are due for a good year! 2013!


Anonymous said...
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Alannah said...

Once a week? You owe me FIVE blog entries, then.

Just kidding. If I forget to text or call you, do you know that I always think about you on your birthday? That's a feat bc I don't have Facebook anymore to remind me of when people's birthday are.

I also missed a whole year of blogging and it's definitely rusty and hard to get back to it. But we can!

I love you immensely Amy. You are a fantastic mother and a wonderful friend and I'm loving you from afar. xoxoxoxo

AMY said...

Alannah, I miss you so much! I love you from afar, as well!