Sunday, January 03, 2016

So much waiting...

     I don't have much news since my last breast cancer post. I had the MRI on December 16, and genetics testing on December 18. I've been waiting for my phone to ring ever since. I finally heard from my surgeon's nurse on December 30. I have an appointment with my surgeon January 13.
     I was hoping to meet with Dr. Haigh this Wednesday, but I guess I can wait one more week. He should have gotten my MRI results at the end of last week. I think we are still waiting for the genetics results. Those take at least three weeks, but I don't know if the holidays impacted that timing, or not.
     The plan on my end is to have a surgery date when I leave Dr. Haigh's office on the 13th. It's hard to just sit around and wait.
     I did do some research on breast reconstruction, and I also found a website devoted to breast cancer survivors who decide against reconstruction: I can see the appeal of just not bothering with reconstruction, and if I were thin and willowy, I would maybe go that route. But I'm too curvy for that! I don't want to look like Pat from SNL in the 1990s!
     At this point, it's been almost a month since I was diagnosed. But nothing else has happened, so I do find myself forgetting that this is coming. I have had some trouble sleeping lately. I have been doing too much internet research, so I go to bed and it's hard to disconnect my head full of ideas and questions and concerns. I have to work on that.
     That's all for now. I'll post again when I have more information.

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