Monday, February 15, 2016

Countdown Time

     I got through my last day at work Friday. The girls were super sweet. Several girls gave me gifts and treats. It was super sweet and pretty emotional. I am going to attempt to post a couple of videos that girls made for me, as well as some pictures.
     I am all set for Wednesday, except I don't know when I am supposed to report to Nuclear Medicine to get my blue dye injection. A nurse called me this morning from Kaiser to tell me to report to Sunset at 10:30 on Wednesday. I asked her about Nuclear Medicine. She didn't know I needed to see them, so she was very glad I had mentioned it, because otherwise I would have come at 10:30 and that would have been a problem. She thanked me repeatedly for telling her that I needed that injection. So I should be hearing from another nurse soon with updated arrival information.
     I've been worrying about this. I tried calling Myrtle, the nurse from general surgery who I have spoken with the most. She is out today. Then I tried calling Anne, the breast care coordinator with the terrible bedside manner. She's out today, too. I decided I'd have to wait and call tomorrow when the other nurse called me. So we will see what I find out.
     I entered some grades this morning, and I submitted essays from my seventh graders for a Yes Magazine "Standing with Malala" essay competition. I had to get that done by this Thursday. So I didn't blow it!
     My surgery bag is packed. I took pictures of my breasts this morning. I read a blog by a breast cancer survivor, and she was adamant that you should take pics of your original boobs, because at some point you will forget what they looked like. She did not do this, and has regretted it ever since. I was skeptical, but decided not to take any chances.
     I wasn't sure how to do this, because I can't use my phone, as it is linked to my work iPad. Then I remembered I had a Kindle, so I used that to photograph my boobs this morning after I got out of the shower. I have really droopy boobies. This isn't a shock, exactly, but it is a little shocking to see them up close that way. I was trying to perk them up by squeezing my arms together, but it didn't help much. It's going to be super weird having boobs that don't sag to my belly button!
     I started a middle school only Instagram account, with my boss's permission, so the girls can easily keep in touch with me. It's hilarious -- I have enjoyed seeing what matters most to seventh and eighth grade girls. I don't know most of the sixth graders, but many of them are also following me on Instagram. So I'm very popular with that crowd.
     Until I can figure out how to upload the videos that a couple of girls made, here are some of my favorite pictures. Hopefully I'm allowed to post these.


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