Wednesday, March 09, 2016

This Week So Far

     I've been tired and kind of lazy this week, so I've been slow to post. I was going to walk Emiko and Hideo to school Monday, but it was raining (with thunder and lightening!), so after Todd took them, I went back to bed. Which was great.
     I was supposed to have poutine with my friend Kris, so I woke up in time to shower and get ready. I was out the door starting my walk up the street to the new poutine place (which is fantastic) when the nurse called from the kids' school to tell me Emiko was sick. Emiko said she had a really bad headache and tummy ache. So I called Kris to cancel on her and went home to get the car.
     I hadn't driven since before surgery, so I was a bit nervous. But it was ok. It's weird, though. Actual breasts move with you when you turn or steer. My tissue expander boobettes are hard and don't move with me when I turn or steer. I read on a breast cancer message board that the tissue expanders get a bit softer once the doctor starts filling them. And the actual implants will be much softer, so that will be good. Just something else to get used to.
     I got Emiko home and we both crashed, so that was nice. Had to wake her up to go pick up Hideo. On our way to pick up Hideo, we went by a park in Altadena to sign the kids up for spring break camp. I decided that I should send them to camp next week, as it's my last week of leave, and I have a couple of doctor's appointments. This way I won't have to worry about childcare, and the kids will have more fun at camp than they will watching me take naps.
     Yesterday I walked the kids to school -- it was nice to get out. We walked again this morning. I do enjoy that and wish I could walk them to school everyday. My sister gets here tonight -- hooray! -- so I figure she can walk with us tomorrow and Friday if she wants, and then we can get a coffee on the way home. I can't wait to see my sister!!!
     I did get to have my poutine lunch today, with Kris and her husband Charles. That poutine place is so delicious, but dangerous, as it's up the street from my house. Today I had the corn dog poutine. Ridiculously good.
     Emiko is learning the recorder at school, so she is practicing a great deal. She is super enthusiastic, and I won't do anything to dampen that enthusiasm, but wow is it a shrill instrument!
     That's all I've got for now. More later!

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