Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Feeling Normal-ish

     The last two weeks have been pretty good, energy-wise. I'm not collapsing on the couch when I get home from work. I have started walking up to the observatory again. Last Thursday I made it all the way to the top! I wasn't sure I could, but I did!
     I saw my plastic surgeon today for the first time in two and a half weeks. She was pleased to see that my wound on my right boobette was much smaller. It's encouraging, because I can see that it is healing, finally, which makes it easier for me to be patient. So I will see her again May 20th -- perhaps then I can have my first tissue expansion? At this point, it will be summer break before I can start pumping up these tissue expanders. I guess I will have to figure out what to do with Emiko and Hideo during those appointments.
     Now I'm thinking maybe by Christmas my boobs will be done? Which isn't so terrible, really, as I figured this whole breast cancer journey would take about a year. So that would be about right.
     Today I mentioned to my 3rd period class that I had to cancel the Panda Pacers for today, due to my doctor's appointment. One student said, "Ooh, Mrs. Fuji is getting cosmetic surgery!" I said that I was doing this for fun -- that I had to get new boobs because of the cancer in my old boob, but I would never have done it otherwise. I don't know why that made me defensive.
     Anyway, the girls asked about my boobs, and I was wearing a t-shirt today, so you could see how squashy my boobettes are. So we talked about that for a bit, and they had lots of questions. I am glad I work in an all-girls school! I will be happy when my boobettes aren't so squashy and sunken-in. I know I have to be patient.
     Today I got a catalog with swimsuits in it, and I was thinking -- do I even want to wear a swimsuit this summer? I guess it's silly not to. I can always get a mastectomy swimsuit, or wear a padded bra. Or just wear a rash guard over my suit. That's probably the easiest.
     Todd was sick all last week. He's still sick, but is finally getting better. He went to urgent care last Monday, and didn't feel any better. Tuesday he looked so awful when the kids and I went home, that I called Kyle to see if I should be worried. I love that I have doctors I can call and harass -- thanks Kyle and Barb! Kyle said to take Todd to the ER if he didn't feel better, or if his fever didn't go down. His fever was over 103. So the kids and I took him to the ER.
     Luckily it wasn't crazy busy, so we were there for about three hours. Of course, it's the flu, so there's nothing that they can do. The doctor complimented Todd on how young he looked, gave him three bags of saline, and some potassium. And some pain pills. None of which made him feel better.
     Todd has been super crabby about this flu. We've been trying to stay out of his way! He missed work all last week. He's back at work this week and he's slowing coming around. He's still pretty crabby, though. So that has not been fun.
     Work is good, and my contract has been renewed for next year -- hooray! So that is a relief. I'm definitely looking forward to summer break.
     Also looking forward to support group tomorrow.


Babs said...

Yay for contract renewals!! And the man-flu is the WORST...

Lynetta Reid said...

I completely agree with Barb!! Yay for contract renewals and any kind of man sickness is the worst! Lol