Thursday, July 26, 2007

Stuff Going On

I haven't posted in awhile and thought I'd better list some things that have been going on. I hate for people to wonder what I've been up to.

Todd's mom was here last weekend for a visit, and we had a nice time. She was thrilled to see Emiko, who is so huge compared to last time she saw her. We took Mom to the roller derby so she could see her son in action, but it was so hot in there that we didn't last very long. Poor Emiko fell asleep while I was wearing her in the Baby Bjorn, but she kept shaking her head trying to get some air!

We thought we were going to do a nanny share for Emiko for when I go back to work, and I've been thinking a lot about the power dynamics of white women and nannies of color -- there's that new book about it and everything. But my nanny partner just called me and said she couldn't afford a nanny share, so I'm back to the drawing board. She knows someone who she thinks can keep Emiko, though. So cross your fingers. I go back to work next week -- I'm getting a bit panicked about this.

We have a new assistant principal at my school. I'm curious about that.

I went out with Travis for his birthday Sunday night. My first night out since having Emiko. My tolerance is super low these days -- have a glass of wine and I'm buzzed, so I'm a cheap date.

We went to the Baton Club, which is amazing. Two of the drag queens were gorgeous! All the women were intimidated -- we're like -- how are these men?? And I met a woman from Monroe, Louisiana, which is where my mom is from. Her mom is from Rayville, LA, which is where my dad is from. So we had a great time talking about places in Northeast Louisiana that we miss. Then I found out my Aunt Lucy is having a 100th birthday party in Louisiana in November, and my fabulous yankee husband is letting us go!!! So he'll get to see all these places from my youth. I'm so excited -- that will be a great blog post! You think Arkansas people are crazy -- that's nothing compared to Louisiana people!!!

Last night we gave Emiko rice cereal for the first time. It was hilarious -- you could tell she was not very impressed. She'll get there. She is finally sleeping through the night, so that is super fantastic.

OK, these are the highlights of my last week or so. If you know anyone wanting to share a nanny with me, please let me know!


Butternugget said...

What? No nanny share? That was sudden, just last night it was fine. I'm sorry. Good luck.

AMY said...

I know, it really sucks. She called me today and said she couldn't afford a nanny share. It was her idea! You think she could have figured that out. So I've placed an ad on craigslist and on Northside Parents Network. I'm starting to get a little panicked!