Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Thanks to my friend Chairman Meow, via a myspace bulletin, I have had the pleasure of reading this completely disturbing account of female teachers who have been accused of having sex with students. You may read the article yourself:

I do not understand what is wrong with these women. As a teacher, I just do not get it. I guess if you are crazy enough and perhaps lonely enough or your self esteem is in the toilet, you might get off on the power dynamic. And I know that I've had students who had little crushes on me. But that doesn't mean anything. How could anyone take advantage of that?

I guess that feeling could be good, especially if you are not accustomed to much attention from men (or women -- a few of the teachers had same sex relationships). I was curious to see what these women looked like, and several of them were quite unattractive. But some of them were really pretty. But again -- I think self esteem is the issue more than anything else. That and power.

Before reading the article, I thought all of the teachers were white, but a few of the teachers are African American, so we can't just blame the phenomenon on crazy white women. But most of them are white. And several of them are named Amy, but as Amy is the second whitest female name in America (after Molly -- thank you Freakonomics, for such great trivia!), this shouldn't raise any eyebrows.

I was glad to see that none of the teachers on the list were Chicago Public Schools teachers. So that's something.

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