Monday, July 30, 2007

The Two Coreys!

I loved Corey Feldman back in the day. I saw Lost Boys about a million times. We even somehow convinced our gifted and talented teacher to show it during out G/T class in 9th grade.

My very first boyfriend -- Chris something -- looked just like Corey Feldman. He was the first cute boy to ever noticed my existence. We met at a camp for gifted kids in Arkansas the summer after 8th grade. (Who knew you could meet cute boys at G/T camp???) We smooched in a movie theater -- I can't remember what movie it was. It was such a great summer. Sigh. . .

So I've always had a soft spot for Corey Feldman. I know that Corey Haim was always considered the cuter of the two, but CF just seemed quirkier; he seemed like the kind of boy who would like me. CH seemed like he'd be more into strippers.

Now the two Coreys are back! Thank God for A&E Network for bringing them back to me. Turns out I didn't miss them as much as I thought. CF is married to a really hot babe who gets a big spread in FHM magazine during episode 2. Corey Feldman -- I just knew you'd be married to a quirky cute English teacher. What happened??? And now he's a vegetarian and they are big supporters of PETA. Good Lord.

Corey Haim is not looking very good. CF definitely looks better -- he's barely aged at all. CH comes across as a big whiny loser. So disappointing.

But as I've already programmed the DVR to record the whole series, I'll keep watching. Nostalgia is a powerful force.

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