Friday, August 24, 2007

Things I've Been Up To

I have found two new ways to waste time. I found this blog -- 52 Cupcakes -- which is, wait for it, all about cupcakes. The woman is awesome and she posts cupcakes and recipes and it all looks fantastic and I want t cupcake right now.

I also discovered a new online baby store -- -- which has really cute onesies and stuff for punk rock babies. I ordered Emiko one that says ABC on it, but the A is an anarchy symbol. The other one says, "Punk Rock Is Not a Crime." I can't wait to put her in her new threads. They had a bunch of other great designs. I think I will get her the "Future Activist" one next. Or maybe the "Obama Baby" one. I will probably spend too much money at this site.

I ordered a new diaper bag, too. I almost bought the LeSportsac Tokidoki one for 200 bucks -- I was coveting it hard for a couple of days. But Todd would have killed me, and I decided I was over it when I was talking to a trixie at a fancy baby store in Ravenswood and she agreed it was a great bag. I don't want to have that in common with trixies. So I got a Chickpea Baby bag -- the same lady who designs the Queen Bee bags, and I know I'll be happy with it. Her stuff is well made and not the sort of thing you'll see wherever you go.

OK, enough shopping talk. Good thing I go back to work next week and start drawing paychecks again.


Butternugget said...

Filene's (down town) has two TokiDoki bags (I saw them today) a hand bag marked down from $150 to $65 and a giant bag with pockets and compartments like mad (not diaper bag) that was $300 and is now $200.

So...I'd keep your eye out. I will too.

AMY said...

Thanks -- I thought about that. I never get downtown, but could be convinced for a bargain.

Natalie said...

More reasons to love Amy!

I went on a cupcake binge a few months ago where I couldn't stop making them and uh, eating them.

Last summer I ran into a extra annoying Trixie at Trader Joe's. Her worst offense was wearing a tank top I also owned. I couldn't bring myself to wear mine again. But remember, all Trixies need love too.

Did I tell you I've been watching Veronica Mars out of order? First I watched season 3 and now I'm watching season 1.

AMY said...

I am still so sad Veronica Mars is over. The first season is the best -- but they are all so good!