Sunday, October 28, 2007

Where to Start?

Let's see, I haven't updated recently. Things have been pretty busy. Emiko was christened this morning -- our church had a big Day of the Dead celebration for All Saints Day. So we marched in to a Dixieland band and there were banners with the names of the departed. It was a beautiful way to mourn those we have lost while also welcoming new people into the church. Four babies were baptized during the 9 am service. Emiko was great -- she only cried once for a second. After the baptism, all the babies fell asleep. It was really cute. I'll post a picture of Emiko in her christening gown. She wore the gown that my brother, my sister, and I all wore during our baptisms. Heather's boys wore it, too. So it has lots of history.

We had a little get-together afterwards. It was a lot of fun. Emiko was adorable and charming as always. I still find it hard to believe that I have such a beautiful baby girl. She's so awesome!

School is still a nightmare. One of the teachers who was laid off has been rehired, somehow. The other one is also back at school, SUBBING FOR HERSELF! There is no way in hell I would ever ever sub for myself. Absolutely not.

We were talking at lunch one day about teachers and how kids treat them. My kids can be awful, but they are never really mean to me. And I can always get the class under control. I have to yell sometimes, which I hate. But they eventually shut the hell up and I never feel like I'm being abused.

But there are teachers who let their students treat them like crap. They'll just take it when the kids call them names, etc. I just can't understand that. One veteran teacher told the story of a Spanish teacher who was dangled out the window in a 3rd floor classroom. This was about 6 years ago. That's the day I quit my job, I swear. But I just can't imagine letting kids treat me that way. If I can have classroom management, then anyone should be able to.

One school employee, the guy who runs the copy room (we don't get to make our own copies -- we have to put a request in his mailbox and hope he'll comply in time. We are allowed 150 copies per week. I have 150 students, so they can get one copy each per week. My job is awesome!) was knocked down by a student two weeks ago. And he's a well liked guy -- I would never guess he'd get in that situation. That's pretty scary.

I've only been really scared of getting hit by a student twice. Both times it involved my calling a young male student a coward. Which is a bad idea in the ghetto. I just get so mad sometimes, and my students will occasionally decide to talk about me quietly. Right near me. So I can hear them calling me a bitch or bogus or bald-headed and thirsty (that's the new one for this year). And it just burns me up that they don't have the courage to say it to my face. So I'll say to the kid -- don't be a coward -- if you are going to talk about me, say it loud enough that I can enjoy your comments. This is never really a fun confrontation -- but it usually gets the point across. But twice I've been in this situation and really did think that the guy was going to punch me. One time a kid actually said he was going to hit me -- I said, Go ahead -- you'll get arrested and I'll get to go home early. Teaching involves a lot of bravado on my part.

At any rate -- those probably weren't my proudest or smartest teaching moments, but there ya go. I know that I'm supposed to be the grownup and rise above and not let things get to me, but sometimes I just can't.

But this Friday we are leaving for Shreveport, Louisiana, for my great aunt Lucy's 100th birthday celebration/family reunion. These are my Louisiana relatives -- Todd has no idea what he is in for! I should have some great stories!!!

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