Sunday, November 11, 2007

School Schmool

I have to get my post up on my trip to Louisiana -- we had a great time. But until Todd helps me with the pics and whatnot, I'll bitch more about my job. Won't that be fun???

Report Card Pickup was Wednesday, and I didn't have any parents who screamed at me or threatened to kick my ass. So it was quite successful, I'd say. I did meet a few really nice parents, and a few kinda scary parents. But it was good all in all. I do think I might like working 12-6, though. I had to be at work at 12:00, and then we were to clock in and go straight to lunch. We had to be back at school at 12:45 in order to be ready to see parents at 1:00. There is no traffic at 11:00 in the morning. I got to work in 12 minutes! It was great!

Anyway, then on Thur I got a letter from my principal stating that since my 2nd period class has a 70.37% failure rate, I had to write a remediation plan and be prepared to meet with my principal on Friday. I was to be ready to defend my grades and explain how I would raise them.

This is so annoying and insulting. 2nd period starts at 8:00 am. Apparently my students can't get to school by 8. So the 70.37%% who are failing are failing because THEY NEVER COME TO CLASS! I have one kid who came to that class one time. I looked up his report card -- he had 5 Fs, yet somehow managed to get a C in gym. How is that possible??? But is the teacher who is giving passing grades to the kids who don't show up getting pulled into the principal's office??? No, of course not.

So I wrote up my stupid plan, and was prepared to share it. Then Fri afternoon I got a memo saying I was required to attend a professional development session the following Thur to assist with my grading problems. I am to bring my remediation plan with me. Awesome!

Then I saw our test scores from last year -- I will have to get a copy of that memo. Let me just say this -- the scores are shockingly low. I don't know how my school even stays open. We aren't a neighborhood school -- technically we are a selective enrollment school. Which makes me laugh -- no one gets rejected. Anyway, I think I should be seriously worried that my school may close. We've been on probation for years, and these scores are way lower than before. I'm talking 7s in math, no one was proficient in science, that sort of thing. I thought a 15 average on the ACT was bad. A 7????

OK, I think those are my rants for now. I'm sure I'll think of some more transgressions. At least I'm off tomorrow to celebrate Veteran's Day! Although Emiko has a bad cold, so my day off will require a trip to the doctor's office. It's still better than school!!!

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