Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sometimes I Have a Good Day

Last Wednesday was the day before Thanksgiving, so school was kinda fun. I was in a great mood, knowing I had a holiday and a long weekend coming. Most of my kids came to school, since freshmen and sophomores haven't figured out that no one comes to school the day before a holiday. But enough kids were gone that my classes were largely quiet and agreeable. I gave everyone Thanksgiving word find puzzles for extra credit, so that made everyone happy, too.

My 6th period class is freshmen reading -- they are kids who have really low reading scores so this class is supposed to get them caught up. That's not what happens at all, unfortunately. But we do a lot of silent reading, which I enjoy.

Anyway, one of my kids from last year, who is now a senior, often comes to visit during this class. He gets in trouble a lot, so he comes to my room during 6th to hide from security. I like this kid a lot, so it doesn't bother me. We were talking and he wanted to see pics of Emiko, so I went to Todd's blog to show him pics. The other kids wanted to see, too.

It was hilarious -- my kids went on and on about how cute Emiko was. A couple of boys told me that Emiko was thick and that all the black boys would want to go out with her. They asked me if I would let her date a black boy, or would I make her marry someone who was Chinese. Lavern, my senior visitor, reminded them that Todd is NOT CHINESE!!! He explained that Todd was Japanese, so he liked moo shu. I had to tell him that moo shu was actually Chinese, but that he did like it. Then he said -- he's Japanese like Jackie Chan. I said -- no, Jackie is Chinese. He said -- like Jet Li? I said -- nope, wrong again. Jet is also Chinese. Then he gave up. My kids then said it didn't matter because Todd likes fried rice so everyone's happy.

I told my students that Emiko could date anyone she wanted to -- that I would try to respect her wishes. Although I hope she doesn't want to date any G's or Fo's (that's gang talk for you). They agreed that was probably a good idea.

Then they talked some more about how thick she was and how that's a compliment and that really -- all the black boys were going to want to get with her. It was pretty funny.

My kids do crack me up. When they aren't making me want to cry, that is!!! Now if I can just make it to Christmas.

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