Friday, November 23, 2007

My Hogs Beat #1 Ranked LSU

My Hogs did it! They beat LSU in triple overtime in Baton Rouge!!! It was so freakin awesome! Can I tell you how satisfying it was to call my dad and brag about this??? Since he's from Louisiana, he considers himself an LSU fan, as do most of my relatives. So every year he calls me after the AR-LSU game to brag. Finally bragging rights were mine!!!

Technically I should be an LSU fan, as I was born in Louisiana. And I do cheer for LSU, except when they play my Hogs. I definitely would rather have LSU as number one versus Kansas or West Virginia. Oh well -- it's totally worth it.

I still think Houston Nutt sucks and I think he's probably not going to be back next season. But this may have saved his job -- it's hard to say. Darren McFadden had an amazing game, despite his three fumbles early in the first quarter. He more than made up for that. This should remind Heisman voters of his talent. I know this season hasn't been worthy of his skills.

Anyway, it was awesome and super fantastic and has made my whole weekend!!!

Woo Pig Sooie!!!!!!!!!!!


Butternugget said...

Houston Nutt? I had to look that up, it is no Dick Trickle but that is a ridiculous name, and then to find his nick-name is "Hootie" I thought wow, that is crazy.

Then I read that is brother's name is Dickey.

I would change my name.

AMY said...

I think Dickey is their mom's maiden name. It is pretty funny -- I agree. It's not as bad as being named Eddie Outhouse. There's a kid at school who's last name is McNutt - that's ridiculous, too.