Monday, January 07, 2008

Good Thing I'm Not Easily Embarrassed!

I signed up for facebook because Todd had an account, and if he has something then I think I need it, too. But I never paid much attention to it. It seemed too busy and I can't look at it at work, so who has time? And I feel too old. But last week one of my best friends from college joined and got back in touch with me and since then facebook has been so fun.

I lived in the honors dorm at the University of Arkansas, so you can imagine how dorky I was. But my friends and I had a whole lot of fun. Kerry keeps posting pictures from the era (1991-93 were our honors dorm years). They are so hilarious. I can't believe how long it's been since I was in college. Wow I had big hair.

My friend Kyle put it best -- he says we are probably the only group that looks better in our 30s than we did in college!!!

Next Kerry is going to post pics from when he and I went to the then-USSR way back in high school. Those should be really fun to look at! Stay tuned!


Butternugget said...

That is one sweet typewriter and that alarm clock is pretty awesome as well.

AMY said...

I used that alarm clock all through college. I was so sad when it finally died! I used that typewriter to write my senior honors thesis. Why didn't I use the computers in the lab in our dorm basement? Excellent question!

Alannah said...

Wow...the area around the Union looks soooo different now. I'd almost forgotten what it used to look like.