Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Better Hope We Never Have a Real Fire. . .

The fighting at my school continues. There were two fights yesterday during 2nd period. On a MONDAY. Usually no one comes on a Monday, much less 2nd period. So it must have been serious. This fight was a gang fight, versus a seniors versus juniors fight or a "my project is tougher than your project" fight.

They pulled the fire alarm twice. I was sitting down in my room 4th period talking to a coworker who just got back from her honeymoon when it was pulled. I hate when they pull the fire alarm during my off period. Wait til 5th period, gangstas!

We got our stuff and walked outside. It was really cold. We hung out a bit and then the alarm was turned off and we went back inside.

7th period they pulled the fire alarm again. The funny thing was, at neither time did the fire department actually come to our school. Which is weird, because usually we wait outside til the fire dept gets here, they clear the building, and then they let us back in. So we think they've disabled the fire alarms -- they'll still go off, but we surmise that they don't actually alert the fire dept. Awesome, huh? And surely illegal. Just another day in paradise.

The most shocking part is that ALL of my 7th period students actually came back to class after the alarm. I still can't believe it.

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