Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mother Guilt

I've had a cold for more than a week now. I've been coughing and sneezing, and my ears are stopped up. It is better, though, so that's the good news.

The bad news is that I've given my cold to Emiko, which makes me feel really guilty. She got up Friday morning and was congested, but she wasn't really sick until Sat, which she started running a fever and was having trouble keeping food down. This was the case all weekend. We gave her Tylenol for her fever, but it wasn't going down very much.

Yesterday I was off work for MLK, Jr's birthday, so Emiko stayed home with me. She was so miserable. She threw up on me several times (I lost count). She was so hungry, but I would give her a bottle and then she'd either cry from being upset or she'd cough, and then she'd throw up everything. All over me. Poor baby girl!

Last night Todd decided that he would take today off and take Emiko to the doctor. Then at 11:45 pm he woke me up because Emiko had a fever of 104! Which is super scary and awful. We called the doctor and he told us to up the dose of Tylenol we'd been giving her, and that we should give her Ibuprofen as well. That did the trick -- we didn't have to take her to the ER thank God.

Today Todd took her to the doctor and both her ears are infected! I feel so guilty for not realizing that that was going on. No wonder she's been so miserable! But she got some antibiotics, and she slept all afternoon, so she's feeling better. I'm staying home with her tomorrow, and then I think she can go back to daycare on Thursday. I have to go to work on Thursday, because grades are due, and I still have two classes I haven't entered. Blah blah.

So that's that drama. Todd has a cold, too, but I think he feels ok. He has the Wii to keep him company!

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Alannah said...

Poor Emiko! I hated it when Stella would get sick and I would feel so helpless. Ear infections are the WORST, too....so painful.

I'm glad everyone is on the mend.