Wednesday, February 13, 2008

School Ridiculousness: Part Two

Yesterday I blogged about the girl assembly at school. While the girls were in the gym, the boys were in the auditorium. I was not a witness to the ridiculousness that ensued, but here is what I have been told by several eyewitnesses:

They had a guest speaker who has a felony conviction for fraud and embezzlement. Apparently he bilked Verizon Wireless out of several million dollars. I don't know how long he was in jail, but now he goes around to CPS schools and gives speeches to kids about what will happen in prison.

So he went on and on about prison and what happens to you while there. He cursed a lot, calling the audience many different names, including "black ass n*****." He used that term the most. The boys did not seem to like being called that. Several of the kids walked out (and tried to get into the gym, but were stopped).

He also informed the audience that the idea that George Washington was the first president of the United States was a myth perpetuated by white people. According to this felon, there were eight other presidents before Washington, at least one of whom was a black man. He had a name for the black man, but I forgot it. But for the next two days, all I heard from my male students was about this supposed black president.

We think this guy was referencing leaders under the Articles of Confederation or something, but no one has found any research to confirm this guy's assertion about the black president.

Then he cursed at the kids some more.

I can't imagine how much money he is making off this "inspirational speaking" business he's cooked up, but it's probably pretty good money. And as a felon, he doesn't have too many options for well-paying (legal) jobs. But I just can't believe he stood up there and used the "N" word with abandon and no one stopped him. Several of the teachers (black and white) were offended, but what are you going to do?

My job does resemble a Jerry Springer episode more and more each day. Except I don't have any security guards to take unruly guests away -- I'm just stuck with them.

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and thinking about a possible career change. I'd like to lie and curse to roomfuls of teenagers and get paid for it!