Monday, June 16, 2008


I'm almost through my first trimester -- just a couple more weeks to go. It's been ok, except for the nausea. With Emiko, I was pretty much nauseated the entire first trimester, but it usually subsided by 5 pm or so. With this baby, I'm fine all day long, until about 3 pm. Then it hits me hard. And it lasts for much of the evening.

So that's not super fun. It's one thing to be queasy and miserable at work -- when I'd usually be queasy and miserable anyway. By the time I get home, I want to feel good! And nothing helps, either.

My skin is also a complete nightmare. I've got flaky patches on the sides of my nose, coupled with huge, volcanic zits on my forehead and chin. Gorgeous! Emiko stole whatever beauty I had, and this baby is doing Mommy the same way. That's why I think I'm having another girl. But that's just an old wives' tale, so who knows. We'll have an ultrasound in about 10 weeks and will find out then.

Today was my first day of summer break (hallelujah!), and it was very relaxing. I think this will be a great summer. I had Arby's for lunch. I was craving their roast beef sandwich big time. That's my first weird craving of this pregnancy.

I hope the widget with the fetus isn't too creepy -- it's kinda creepy, but kinda neat, I think. In case you are interested in these sorts of things.

I've also been pretty crabby. Poor Todd is probably a little tired of preggers Amy already. I don't blame him -- he just doesn't understand how these hormones get you. And it hits really hard and fast. I have only broken down into tears a few times, so he should feel lucky. But I'm trying really hard to be especially nice to him this week. That's one of my goals. I make no promises, however.

My first midwife appointment is Thursday -- I should get to hear the heartbeat then. That will be superfantastic! Then I'll really believe there's a baby inside me.

Ok, so that's what I've been up to. Now that I have two months off from work, I will try to post more regularly. I'll have fewer school stories, but I'm still interested in poverty issues, so maybe I won't only blog about being knocked up.

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Alannah said...

now I can publicly congratulate you!

Emiko is going to be the cutest big sister since....well...since us! ;)