Thursday, June 12, 2008

Stephanie is Top Chef!

I'm so excited that Stephanie won Top Chef. Top Chef is the only reality show that Todd and I watch regularly. I really enjoy watching the way the chefs perform under immense pressure, and it's fun to see which chefs I'll really hate.

I didn't like Richard at first, but he grew on me. He seemed really pretentious at first, with his molecular gastronomy and all that, but he became more likable as the season progressed. And his food looked really good. I'm all about that bacon ice cream he made in the finale.

And I hate Lisa! I hated her all season long. She is so negative and bitchy and just comes across as a miserable cow. I was so mad that she made it to the finale -- Dale should have been in the final three.

But I loved Stephanie all season. Everything she made looked fabulous. And she seemed nice and approachable and didn't have a huge ego or anything. The fact that she was from Chicago was a nice touch, but I would have liked her regardless.

Now she's scouting locations for a new Chicago restaurant to open next spring. I told Todd that we will definitely go to that restaurant!

Yay Stephanie! And it's about time a woman was named Top Chef!!!

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Alannah said...

I agree 100% with everyone you have written here. Dave and I were on Team Stephanie from the get-go. Richard grew on me as well. I think molecular gastronomy has gotten sort of a bad rap on Top Chef, via the snotty personalities of Marcel & Hung.

Lisa was the WORST! Her sneering, sour face just drove me nuts!!!!