Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I kinda wish I hadn't read this story. But since I did, I feel you should read it, too. Sorry.


foxxychica said...

Ok, I so LOVE that place. I can't wait for the brunch to begin. I can't say that I won't visit them again.

Butternugget said...

I hope they saved the tape worm as evidence.

I'm sure the pathologist will say why he/she is so sure it came from fish because "tapeworms" can be found in many meats.

I do wonder how he is so very sure it is Shaw's. It sounds like he may have had some kind of food poisoning but eating the larva of a tape worm would not make you "violently" ill right away. You don't notice the symptoms until later.

Unless of course they can prove it was a fish tapeworm and he only ate fish once in the span of weeks while he was sick.

It isn't like you actually swallow a 9 foot worm. You swallow a very tiny speck that grows to 9 feet. I'm not sure how fast it can reach 9 feet but I would assume it would take several, if not many many days.

Sorry, I'm skeptical.

AMY said...

Oh yeah, I don't buy it for a second. And of course it didn't start out 9 ft long -- I think it's funny that people thought he should have noticed it in his salmon. I just think tape worms are gross in general. But your knowledge of them is a little off-putting, ButterNugget!