Tuesday, March 04, 2014

2014 Resolutions!

I wrote that my next post would be my 2014 resolutions, and now it is March and that has not happened. So in order to stay true to my blog, here are my 2014 resolutions.

1. To lose the 35 pounds I gained after recovering from my near death experience. It's been two years! I have to decide to either accept it or deal with it. So I'm working on that. I've actually lost seven and a half pounds so far. So I have to lose 27 and a half.

2. To get a job as a teacher in Los Angeles. More about that in my next post.

3. To start writing more -- at least in my blog.

4. To improve my swimming. I really just frog paddle at this point -- I don't seem to remember how to swim free style or anything. So if I ever did want to do a triathlon, it would be super embarrassing. I love swimming; I think swimming correctly would be even better.

5. To PR a marathon. I ran three marathons last year, which is pretty crazy. So for 2014, I would like to actually run faster. I have to lose this weight first. I haven't decided which marathon I want to run next. I'm assuming it'll be a race in the fall or early winter of 2014

6. To be more present with my children. Emiko and Hideo are so freaking awesome, and I know I can be more patient with them, and make sure I'm enjoying time with them and not just posting about it on Facebook. They are growing up so damn fast!

These are my major goals for this year. We'll see how it goes.

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Alannah said...

These are 100% attainable.

I am also looking to lose 35 lbs. My eating is pretend-clean. You know the type. Sure, I eat kale and quinoa and broiled fish and coconut oil....but I also drink coffee with half n half, granola with yogurt, booze, and cheese. So I've got to start from scratch again. That means doing a 2 week liver cleanse where I cut out ALL the bad stuff and reset my metabolism and cravings. I can do it. I will do it. I am doing it.... momentarily.

I love the one about being present for your kids. It's tough because it means forgetting all the grown-up stresses and diversions and just giving in to the moment they're in. So rewarding, though - right? And I often found that if I gave Stella just 30 min of undivided attention that she would then play by herself for at least an hour, giving me the time I needed.

Let's help each other stay accountable.