Sunday, January 24, 2016

Worst Retail Therapy Ever

     I've been doing a little shopping in preparation for my upcoming bilateral mastectomy. Last night I ordered three robes -- old lady robes like my grandmother used to wear! Two of them have zipper fronts, and the other has snaps. Not fun shopping, but necessary. Maybe I can sew some punk rock patches to the gowns to make them a little snazzier.
     Just now I ordered a mastectomy camisole and a old lady nightgown from TLC, the website from the American Cancer Society.  I keep reading that I need a mastectomy camisole -- it has a velcro front so it's easy to get on, and it has pockets to hold the surgical drains. The old lady nightgown is designed to be put on by stepping into it. I won't be able to lift my arms for a few weeks after surgery.
     I went to Old Navy the other day and bought a button down shirt. I also ordered some Pink Pockets that arrived the other day. They are adhesive pockets you stick to the inside of your shirt or robe to hold your surgical drains. I think these items should hold me -- I don't think I'll be going out very much, other than to the doctor, so if I'm wearing the same shirts every time, who cares?
     Chemotherapy isn't guaranteed, but I feel pretty sure that I will have it. But I resisted ordering a wig from TLC -- although they had a cute short blonde one on sale. Their wigs aren't very expensive, so even paying full price is not a big deal. They also have cute pre-tied scarves -- I don't know if I'll want to wear a wig everyday.
     I see my plastic surgeon tomorrow -- this is a change from my original appointment of Tuesday. The surgeon I was to see Tuesday is no longer available. She was super young, and this new guy is much more experienced, so that's probably better. He has his own private practice in Beverly Hills. Maybe he does work with Kaiser to ease his conscience! I wonder if he can tell me my surgery date? If not, I should have it when I see Dr. Leung again on Thursday.
     Friday when I went to pick up the kids from after school care, two of the ladies who run it met me in the parking lot with a gift bag and big hugs. Leslie, the director, is a breast cancer survivor. Thelma, the other lady, is a uterine cancer survivor. The bag had a pink ribbon key chain, daily planner, note pad, and a tote bag to keep everything. There were also two matching bracelets for Emiko and me. It was so sweet and made me teary. Emiko had been talking to them about what was going on, and they are such sweet ladies, that I know they made her feel better. Hideo is still not sure what to say -- I am trying to give him lots of extra cuddles.
     Todd and I had a date night Friday night. We are going out again this Saturday night with some friends. Have to do it now -- I probably won't be up for any nights out for awhile once treatment begins. I still want to go to New York in June. I told Todd we don't have to decide yet -- we have some time before we have to book our flight.
     I met with the benefits coordinator at work Friday. Since I haven't been at my job for more than a year, I don't actually qualify for the Family Medical Leave Act. But they aren't going to fire me, and they aren't going to cancel my insurance while I'm on leave. So that is a relief.
     I'm curious to see how it goes with the plastic surgeon. I'll write about it tomorrow!

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