Monday, February 01, 2016

I Have a Surgery Date!!!

     During 3rd period, I glanced at my phone and saw I had three messages. So I told my 8th graders that I had to check these, and that I would give myself detention for being on my phone in class. I had a message from anesthesiology and two from Anne, the breast care coordinator.
     I called anesthesiology first -- the nurse wanted to schedule my consult with them. I am seeing them tomorrow at 4. Then I called Anne back -- her message said that both my doctors could do my surgery on Wednesday, February 17 in the afternoon. I left her a voicemail that that was great and I was super relieved to have a date. The afternoon part is too bad, because I'm going to be starving. I guess I'll be too nervous to eat, anyway.
     After 3rd period, it was break time, so I ran to the office to tell Gina the good news. Now she can officially book Candy, my sub. Gina and I decided that I would tell my students next Monday. Then I went to the lounge to tell the teachers who were in there.
     Then I ran to my classroom to text Todd and my sister really quickly.
     I got through the rest of the day, and after work I went to the lab at Kaiser to do the blood work that Dr. Leung had ordered. I had some time to kill -- the lab was not busy, so I got through fast. So I went to Starbucks, then made my way to the Kaiser monthly cancer support group.
     Juanita, the cancer support social worker, had given me the support group calendar when I met her last month. She's kooky, but I do think a support group is a good idea. This support group, however, is probably not for me. I was a good twenty years younger than the other women in the room, and most of them were quite sick and in a lot of pain. And there was a lot of bitching about their control freak husbands. Which was kind of hilarious, but I felt like I was eavesdropping on a bunch of sweet old ladies.
     I will have to check out the cancer support groups in Pasadena. Maybe they have a group with women closer to my age. It sounds like the Young Survival Coalition in Los Angeles has lost its facilitator -- so I don't think they have any meetings coming up.
     The good news is: I have a surgery date. I can actually make plans for that. Woo hoo!

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