Tuesday, February 23, 2016


      Here is a picture of the drains I have -- there is one on each side of my body. They collect lymphatic fluid and having them helps me heal faster. They don't hurt, unless I tug on one by accident. I have to record how much fluid comes out of them. The left drain was collecting any fluid for the first four days, so I was a bit worried, but now it's draining just fine. I have to have the drains until I collect less than 25ccs of fluid total two days in a row. So I don't think I'll get them removed Thursday. I'm pretty sure I'll have to keep them in another week. I have these stick on pockets on the inside of my old lady gowns that hold the drains in place.
      Here's a pic of the line markings that are still on my chest. I should have gotten a picture before surgery. I was all marked up. You can just see faint lines left now. I've tried to scrub them off -- maybe after I get to shower Thursday. I can't wait to shower on Thursday!!!
     Here's a sexy pic of my bandages and my mastectomy bra, stuffed with polyester boobs. The bandages don't hurt, exactly, but it feels like I have an underwire bra poking into me on both sides. So that's annoying, but bearable.
     With my gown on, I can't tell I don't have boobs anymore. I do think that Thursday will be a little emotional, seeing what my chest now looks like. I have another mastectomy camisole that has pockets for polyester boobs, so I will put that on after my shower, and wash this bra, since it's been worn nonstop since they put it on me after surgery.
     I'm so lucky my dad was able to come stay with me last week, and now Diane, Todd's aunt, is here until this Saturday. She is such a help. She is a fabulous cook, so she cooks and I chat and then I eat and then I take a pain pill and go to sleep. It's not a bad gig, overall!
     I haven't weighed myself since losing my boobs -- I do wonder how much they weighed? Maybe I'll do that Thursday. Actually, I'm sure they will weigh me at the doctor's office Thur.
     The pain hasn't been as bad as I expected, and I've been able to move around fairly well. The first couple of days, it hurt like hell to get into and out of bed, but now it's easier. The wounds are kind of itchy, which means they are healing, but that can be distracting. I'm not taking that much pain medicine, which is good. I can't drink any alcohol while on pain medication, so I'm excited when I can drink a glass of wine again. Or a margarita!
     Yesterday I was craving Rotel cheese dip, so I made some and that was fantastic. Dad bought me some Cokes while he was here, so I can drink one when I feel like it. My appetite wasn't great the first few days, but it's getting better now.
     I'll report back after seeing the plastic surgeon Thursday. I think I look pretty good, considering. Diane dry-washed my hair yesterday. But I'm going to feel so much better after a shower!!!

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