Saturday, February 27, 2016

Bandages Are Off!

     My sister Heather texted me that I need to update my blog. I try not to let down my little sister, so I will see what I can do!
     Diane took me to LA to see Dr. Klausmeyer. I was so excited to get my bandages off! Dr. Klausmeyer said everything looked good, and she removed the bandages and said I could take a bath, as long as I was careful to keep the surgical drain ports from getting wet. The thought of taking a bath made me crazy happy!
     I was hoping maybe one of my drains would be removed, but I'm still draining too much lymphatic fluid, so I'm stuck with the drains for one more week. I see Dr. Klausmeyer next Friday, March 4th. At that appointment, the drains better come out! They weren't so terrible at first, but now that I know that I am stuck with them another week, I am finding them more annoying. And nerve-wracking! You have to collect less than 25CC total of fluid per drain per day for two days in a row before they will remove the drains. Today I had more fluid than I expected. Hoping for the best!
     Once Diane and I got home, I immediately went to take a bath. Which was hard, because it's hard to use my arms! I finally realized I could put a little stool in the tub and sit on that, and then it was easier to into the tub that way, and back out again.
     After scrubbing my hair and the rest of me, I got dressed and felt super tired. Diane made another excellent meal -- she roasted a chicken and made coconut rice. It's been so nice having Diane here to feed me at lunch and dinner. She sometimes even brings us cheese and crackers while we watch Ellen. Not a bad gig!
     I didn't really pay attention to what my new breastlets looked like at the doctor's office. Once I was in my own bathroom, I took a look. I'm not completely flat, due to the tissue expanders. So it's like I have these little squished up, bruised, scraped up boobettes. Kind of pitiful so far. I know that's not how they will always look, thank goodness. But they don't look very good yet! And my chest looks a little sunken in. Exciting stuff!
     Friday I took it easy and took a really good morning nap and afternoon nap. We wanted to take Diane out to dinner as a thank you for her taking such amazing care of me. I wanted to make sure I was up to it. So I put on actual clothes! I even put on a little makeup. It was pretty exciting!
     Todd got home and I felt up to going out, so we took Diane out. She said she wanted fish and chips, since that was something she couldn't get very easily in Santa Fe. We went to Hot Red Bus in Alhambra, which is an authentic British fish and chips shop. It's awesome. It was so fun to be out for a little while.
     After dinner we got dessert at Menchie's. The kids were excited about that. We stopped by Rite Aid on our way back to the car, and then made our way home. I was really tired by then, so I went to bed.
     This morning I meant to sleep in, but woke up at 6:30. Todd was up early, and so was Diane. I did a little straightening, because the ladies at work hired a cleaning lady to clean my house for 3 sessions while I'm on leave. Which is so generous and wonderful. I was worried she might be horrified!
    Around 9, we said goodbye to Diane and Todd took her to the airport. The kids and I hung out and waited for Reina, the cleaning lady. Reina got here around 9:45, and we all tried to stay out of her way.
     About an hour later, my friend Valeska, who worked with me at Markham last year, came to see me. It was so nice to see her. She knows what an awful place that was, and she escaped, too. She's pregnant, which is super exciting. It was great to catch up.
     After Valeska left, Todd got home with lunch for us. We sat outside to not be in the way. After lunch, I needed a nap. So I told Reina that Todd could help her if she needed anything. So I went to sleep.
     I didn't take any pain medicine today. I am feeling ok, considering. Kyle said that if I didn't take any today, I could drink a glass of wine at dinnertime. We have had dinner, but I am about to finish up this post so I can drink that glass of wine! I will drink it with some chocolate. So excited!!!
     Now it's just us. I won't have anymore company til my sister comes March 9. Well, Tera is taking me to Dr. Leung's office Wed for that appointment. I believe I will meet my oncologist at that appointment, too. Carolyn is going to give me a ride back home.
     But I won't have anymore out of town guests til my sister arrives. Can't wait to see her, and can't wait to be drain free and able to drive for her visit!

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