Wednesday, March 02, 2016


     I saw my breast surgeon, Dr. Leung, for my post op appointment this afternoon. She was pleased with my healing and said she couldn't believe how good I looked. She also reviewed my pathology report with me. It's good news!
     My breast cancer is stage one, with clear margins. There were two tumors next to each other, totaling 1.9 centimeters in size. Any tumor bigger than 2.0 centimeters makes you stage two, so I just made the cut off. The cancer did not spread to the lymph nodes!
     So I don't have to see Dr. Leung again for six months. She referred me to hematology/oncology to see what my next steps are in terms of treatment. My tumor tissue was sent off today for oncotype testing. This test studies the cancer on a molecular level and gives you a score of likely recurrence, if no additional treatment was given. A high score means a high chance of recurrence, which means definite chemotherapy. A low score means no chemo, and a middle score means that we would have to decide.
     I see Dr. Abdullah, my oncologist, March 14. She should have my oncotype score then, so we can decide what to do. It would be amazing if I didn't have to have chemo. She will also review with me if I need to take hormone blockers for the next several years. I'm curious to see how that goes.
     I'm tired today. Todd's parents came over and brought me lunch from Panera. Ted also made a brisket for dinner. It was nice to see them.
    Then Tera came over at 2 to pick me up for my appointment with Dr. Leung. So I missed my afternoon nap! Carolyn met me at the corner of Sunset and L. Ron Hubbard Way to take me home. It is so nice having people drive me around, but I'll be super happy when I can drive myself again! I hope these drains come out Friday so I can be more independent!
     I'll get lots of rest tomorrow.
     Oh, I almost forgot. I noticed that Dr. Leung had put April 19 as my return to work date on my disability application. I asked her today if I could return to work March 21. She said that if I need chemo, she does not think I can work through chemo. I told her that I think that I can, and I really need to go back to work. I love my job, and I haven't even been there a year. I explained that I don't qualify for FMLA and that I'm on COBRA until I return to work. She didn't look convinced. Then I said -- look, if I need chemo, I am back at work March 21. I have chemo in April. Then I have chemo in May. Then it's June 3rd and school's out.
     Dr. Leung looked at me and said no heavy lifting and no being around sick people. I told her I promised I would be good. Then she said that this was unusual -- most of her patients want to be off for longer. I told her I'm young! She laughed and agreed and updated the paperwork. Woo hoo! I'm not ready to go to work yet -- but by March 21 I'm going to be ready.
     Next update will be after my appointment with Dr. Klausmeyer Friday.

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