Wednesday, March 16, 2016


     I started my new ten year prescription of tamoxifen Monday. Today I am a big old crabby Cathy. I read online that tamoxifen can make women irritable and depressed. I also had my Mirena IUD removed today, so I'm sure that's messing with my hormones, too. So it's a double whammy. I have snapped at my poor, sweet children a couple of times since dinner and have apologized profusely. It looks like for most people, the irritability doesn't last. Whew. I hope so. Otherwise it's going to be a long ten years!
     In my no-chemo elation, I forgot to mention that my fabulous baby sister came to visit me last week!!!! It was far too short a visit. Heather got in late Wednesday night and left Saturday morning. We just had Thursday and Friday to visit, but it was wonderful. Thursday we walked the kids to school, then went to Starbucks, walked back home, and took naps.
     I wanted to show Heather Immaculate Heart, so I drove her to Hollywood. We had lunch at an old school Chinese restaurant in Los Feliz, that wasn't that great, but it was ok. Fun atmosphere. Then we made our way to IH. I knew that the 7th and 8th graders were on field trips, so visiting wouldn't be a big distraction. Gina and Sarah V were in the office. It was so good to see them!!! They gave me big hugs, and got to meet Heather, and then I took Heather down to see my classroom. I miss my classroom! The girls have made pink Fuji signs that decorate the classroom. I ran into the drama assistant and chatted with her. Then I peeked into the yearbook office, and Mary Rose was in there. So Heather got to meet her. It was so fun!
     Thursday night the kids and I introduced Heather to poutine. There is a new poutine place about two blocks from my house. Which is amazing and dangerous. So that was dinner. Heather was soon made a believer!
     Friday we walked the kids to school again, and then went back home. We were meeting Carolyn and Mary Rose for lunch later, so I had time to show off Old Town Pasadena. I don't know if she fell in love with the city, but I think she liked it.
     Just as we got to Lincoln for lunch, it started to rain. Lincoln is a trendy place, and it was obvious we were not going to get a table, so we left there and went to Kathleen's instead. It's a cute diner I had been wanting to check out. So that worked out well.
     Friday night we just ordered Chinese food and I made margaritas and we both got pretty tipsy. Fun fun fun! Heather didn't feel so good the next morning! I felt guilty, but I didn't drive her to LAX. She took a Lyft instead, and I went back to bed.
     I'm so glad Heather came to see me! She organized some of my clutter, did a bunch of laundry, changed the sheets on my bed - I put her to work! I wish she could have stayed longer.
     OK, I'm still pretty crabby, so I'm going to eat an ice cream sandwich and drink a glass of wine! I'm seeing Dr. Klausmeyer tomorrow -- she changed my appointment from Friday morning to Thursday afternoon. I'm curious to see if she thinks I'm healing well and if I can get my first saline injection. My right boob was less oozy yesterday and today, so that's good.
My fabulous sister!

Heather at City Hall

The kids love Auntie Heather!

Fancy appetizer platter from the old school Chinese joint in Los Feliz. Palace Chinese, I think.

Corn dog poutine from Spudd's. OMG!

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Heather E. said...

I had an awesome time, wish it could have been longer. I love you!!!!