Thursday, March 17, 2016

More Waiting...

      I saw Dr. Klausmeyer this afternoon. The nurse asked if I was having my tissue expanded, and I told her I thought so, but wasn't sure, since my right boobette wound was pretty bad. So I warned her. She unwrapped all these instruments, and I was thinking -- maybe you should wait on that. So when Klausmeyer came in the exam room, she looked at my wounds and said we needed to wait to do the expansion.
     Klausmeyer said that this wasn't that unusual, but was disappointing. I agreed with her. She examined the right boobette carefully, and said that the tissue expander was not trying to burst through the skin, so that's good news. She explained that these blood vessels aren't where they used to be, so there is an adjustment that they have to go through. She put more ointment on my wounds, bandaged me up, and said that she would see me next week.
     I have mastered bandaging up my boobettes so you can't see the bandages under my t-shirt. But Klausmeyer just taped a bunch of gauze on me. I was all lumpy when I left -- I decided it was silly to worry about it -- I was just going home.
      I have to be patient. My boobettes will heal. My new boobs will look much better than what I am currently sporting. It's all good.
     My tamoxifen anger was better today. So that's a relief. Last night I drank one and a half glasses of Lambrusco, and I was a bit tipsy. I had hiccups all night long. I don't know if I have mentioned this, but since the bilateral mastectomy, coughing, sneezing, and hiccuping hurt A LOT! I actually had hiccups in the hospital while I was in recovery, and I thought I might die. It's not as bad now, thank God, but still hurts. So I didn't sleep well last night.
     Tomorrow is my last day of medical leave. I must make the most of it! I believe I will do a lot of napping. Woo hoo!!!

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