Friday, April 01, 2016

Spring Break!

     After working a grueling four days last week, Spring Break began last Friday! Woo hoo! Back to daily naps! I did really miss those naps. I didn't do much all week, but I did walk Emiko and Hideo to school a few times.
     Tuesday I finally attended the new member orientation for the Cancer Support Community support groups. CSC is in the process of moving to their new headquarters on Raymond, so when I walked into their office on Del Mar, it was kind of weird. Furniture kept being removed as we were sitting there. I met three other women who also have breast cancer. One woman is much older than me, and the other woman is almost ten years younger. We met the director, Laura, who explained the background of the organization and how the support groups work. CSC was called the Wellness Community, and Gilda Radner was greatly helped by the Wellness Community in Santa Monica. That led her to start Gilda's Clubs. A few years ago, Gilda's Clubs and the Wellness Community merged to become the Cancer Support Community. There are a few Gilda's Clubs left, but apparently most people have forgotten who she is (which is tragic!), so most now go by the CSC name. See what I learned?
     I chatted with the other two women, and then Ryan, the young, earnest counseling intern, called us in one-by-one to learn more about what group to put us in. They do have a breast cancer specific support group, but it meets Thursdays at lunch, so that won't work for me. I was put in a Wednesday evening group, which starts next week. I wanted Wednesday, because that is the night the children's support group meets. So Emiko and Hideo can go with me. It's from 6-7:30, so it won't interfere with bedtime.
     I think that now that I am through the active-treatment portion of my cancer business, I should probably focus on the emotional side of things. I think people see that I don't need chemo, and that I am back at work, and it's like -- you are done! Which is not how I feel. So I hope the group will be beneficial. I've never been in a support group before.
    My weekly appointment with Dr. Klausmeyer was this morning. I have been working to eat more protein and more vegetables, and less sugar, in an attempt to heal this tissue! And fight cancer. It seems to be working -- the tissue on my right boobette looks way better. Well, it still looks like a big, angry wound to me, but Dr. Klausmeyer showed me that the red, springy tissue is living tissue -- so that's definite progress. Necrosis is a huge concern for breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery. I was worried about it. But today the tissue looked alive and growing. That's super encouraging. She thought maybe we can do the first saline injection next Friday. That would be awesome!
     As today is the last day of spring break -- I knew I needed to do my lesson plans. So I did! Lesson plans are done for next week! There are eight more weeks of school! I won't be able to miss any school -- so if I don't feel well -- tough. If the kids get sick -- heaven-forbid -- Todd will have to be the one to pick them up or stay home with them. I'm looking forward to getting a paycheck mid-month!
     So that's this week. This train keeps a-chugging. I am feeling better and I'm walking more. I'm going to try to see how far I can walk up the observatory path next Thur. I have a student who wants the Pacers to start back up. We shall see!

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