Friday, January 29, 2016


     Looks like Dr. Leung was able to call in a favor! I have an appointment scheduled for Thursday, Feb 4 with Dr. Klausmeyer, the plastic surgeon I was supposed to see in the first place. And they are looking for a surgery date. So hopefully it will be the following week.
     I got to work this morning, and Gina, my boss, asked me if I had a date yet. I said no, and burst into tears. I sobbed hard enough that Sarah, our receptionist, had to close Gina's door so students wouldn't wonder what was going on. It's embarrassing to sob at work. Gina is so sweet, though. She told me that I've been so strong, she was glad to see me cry, because it proved I was human.
     I calmed down and explained to some of my other friends what was going on. I tried to compose myself and walk quickly to my classroom, so I could check my mascara before the girls showed up.
     4th period, my phone rang. I told the girls it was important, but I didn't answer it in time. I knew it was probably Kaiser. After I missed the call, I got an email from the nurse practitioner about an appointment being available. So I told the girls that I had to take this and I would explain later. I was outside on hold for ages, but finally the receptionist came on and booked the appointment.
     The girls were having so much fun creating Fuji hashtags (my favorites: #don'thatethefujhatethe game, and #whathefuji) that they forgot about my phone call. One girl asked if everything was ok. I repeated that I would explain it later. I do feel bad about not telling the girls yet.
     Carolyn is going to go with me to the plastic surgery appointment. It does really help having someone there with me. Even if it means she has to see my boobs again!
     I was such a basket case last night. And this morning. But after that phone call, I feel much better. I will get through this!


Lynetta Reid said...

You ARE a strong woman! You are brave and it's ok to be "human"! (Forgive me if my punctuation is incorrect) Bawl all you need, girlfriend!! It's healthy to do so!
Hugs hugs hugs!!!

AMY said...

Thanks, Lynetta!